Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

1.  Start with fresh eggs, which make for the tastiest hard boiled eggs, naturally!  Place the eggs in a saucepan then cover with cold water by 1″.  Place the saucepan over high heat then bring to a boil.IMG_1472

2.  Immediately place a lid on top of the saucepan then remove it from the heat.  Set a timer for 12 minutes (9 for medium eggs, or 15 for extra-large eggs) then drain and rinse under cold water.

3.  Eggs are the easiest to peel when they’re still slightly warm, so tap the egg against a flat surface then roll until the center is cracked all the way around.  Gently peel the shell then, voila!  You’ve got hard-boiled eggs!  Use right away or stash in the fridge to be used later that day.

Source:  Iowa Girl Eats

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